How to Hack a Phone in Depth Guide

When it comes to hacking a phone, it does not necessarily have to do with illegal activity. Many times people associate the term with a theft case or a life-threatening experience but sometimes we only want to find where a friend is, or we are trying to look for some truth in someone else’s phone without them knowing.

Whatever your reason may be, it is not as complicated as you may have thought to get into someone else’s phone and monitor their activities. By the end of this article, you will know how to hack a phone the easy way, what software to use and when you need to hire an expert.

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The Easy Way to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone

To spy on someone else’s phone, you do not necessarily need to be a genius or have some background knowledge in tech-related topics. The easiest way to do this is by using spy mobile applications which are freely available in the Google store and Apple store.

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However, for more stable versions, you will need to spend something to get them, but prices are quite affordable, and terms and conditions are also amicable.

Some of the most recommended spy apps in 2019 include:

mSpy – Top rated spy app for all round phone spy features and ease of use – read my main mSpy Reviews page for a full run down.

FlexiSPY – Another reliable spy app – it even has call recording features for some devices. Check my main FlexiSPY Reviews page for a detailed look at this app and how you can use it to hack a cell phone today with no tech skills required.

These applications are quite easy to use, and their reviews will tell you how amazing they are plus show you the features you will be able to enjoy when using them. They are mostly undetectable unless the owner of the phone you are hacking has some background knowledge in phone security.

Using Spy Apps for Phone Hacking

When it comes to using spy apps, you need to know two of the most used methods at least. These are the full version of a spy app software and the no jailbreak version of the software.

The No Jailbreak Version

This version is only usable with Apple products like iPhones and iPads. It does not require one to install anything in the phone you look to hack. This is where the name, ‘No Jailbreak Version’ comes in, meaning that you do not need any physical access to hack the phone.

Here, the hacker monitors iCloud backup done by the phone and only gets new information when the backup is updated. There is no real time hacking. Although it is still reliable, it does not have most of the features found in full version hacking programs.

The Full Version Hacking Programs

Unlike the no jailbreak version, you will need access to the phone you want to hack into for a few minutes to get the application installed. After the installation is successful, the app gathers data and information from the phone and uploads them onto an online database. The data then becomes available for access no matter where you are in the world.

This version is applicable in Apple and Android phones and can be used across both operating systems. Once the application has been installed, you will not need to have any physical contact with the phone ever, unless by any chance the application is discovered by the owner of the phone, and you need to re-install the app or install a different one that will not be found.

What Spy Apps Allow You to Monitor

Various spy applications have different advanced features. However, the most standard versions allow you to see the contact list and call logs plus their details, track the phone’s GPS, read text messages, browse through photos, emails and the phone’s history in general. You can also see what applications are installed on the phone.

Advanced features for these spy apps include call recordings, hacking the phone’s camera and also hacking the messenger app. Applications such as FlexiSPY allows the hacker to record calls not only done through the phone’s dialer but also other message applications like Skype and WhatsApp.

FlexiSPY also has ambient recording settings, which not only allows one to record calls, but one can also tap into the phone’s microphone and record the surroundings.

Another fantastic feature that comes with FlexiSPY is the phone camera hacking. The hacker can tap into the phone’s camera and take photos of the surrounding of the phone without the owner realizing. With both the recording and camera control feature, the hacker can also record videos.

This is quite a unique feature but very dangerous if handled by the wrong party.

Some of the latest features with spy apps is the ability to hack into someone’s messenger applications such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook. This allows the hacker to monitor real-time conversations through these favorite messenger apps.

There are a lot of guides that can teach you how to go about this type of hacking. It is a useful feature for parents who do not trust their kids or who want to make sure that their kids are responsibly using the phones.

As you can see, with advanced settings, you can have total control of the target phone from anywhere. You can also go to the extent of blocking other applications or installing firewalls so that the owner of the subject phone is not able to access some sites on the internet. It is like two entirely different parties operate the phone without the owner realizing it.

Hacking a Phone Without Physically Accessing It.

For spy phone apps, you will definitely need to install the application in the target phone first before you are able to control it from a distance. Therefore, with these apps, we cannot say that you can entirely hack a phone without accessing it.

However, as noted earlier, the no jailbreak versions allow you to operate someone else’s phone and access their data without having to be in contact with the phone physically. They, however, have some conditions attached to these features.

You need to know the Apple ID of the iPhone you wish to hack into and also know the password. Without these two, you will have no access to the phone’s data. You also need to make sure that the phone runs its backups on iCloud.

If this is not the case, then you will have to access the phone to have its backups run on iCloud. After the two conditions are met, you can then access the data but not in real time. You will have to wait for backup updates to keep track of the phone’s activities.

Comparing Spy Apps 2019

As mentioned earlier in the article, the most popular spy apps in 2019 are Mspy, FlexiSPY, and MobiStealth. Each of these apps has some fantastic features, but FlexiSPY has most of the features that make mobile phone hacking very easy. It has call intercept features, call recordings, trigger words, alerts hacking, web history hacking, alerts hacking, phone lock access, and also the ability to block apps.

The only feature that seems to be missing with FlexiSPY is the Live Screenshot hacking. Otherwise, it could be accurate to say that any other element that can be found in the
other three will be found in FlexiSPY.

Looking at the other top spy apps, none of them has the call intercept, call recording or surrounding features found in FlexiSPY.

For social messengers’ hacking, MobiStealth is the least recommended since it has the least features in this area. MobileSpy is also quite limited, but at least it has more features as compared to MobiStealth. Mspy is an okay choice but if you are looking for the best option then stick with FlexiSPY.

As much as FlexiSPY has most of the features many people would wish to use, a lot of people go for mspy since it has most of the features relatively, and also the price is quite affordable. A lot of people does not necessarily need most of the features that FlexiSPY has (making it quite competitive to mspy) unless one is working for a top security firm. This is why mspy is an excellent bet for anyone with an interest in hacking for general reasons.

MobiStealth and Mobile Spy are not the best as compared to mspy and FlexiSPY, but their performances are way better than the other options in the market. For a better decision process, you could check out the review section on these brands’ websites to know what people are saying about the spy apps.

The downside of checking such reviews is that everyone gives an opinion according to their needs for the app, which might differ with why you are looking for spy apps in the first place. You need to keep that in mind as well to make sure that you get the right reviews leading to a great option that satisfies your needs.

Hiring a Hacking Guru

In finding a hacking guru, you need to proceed with caution. This should be a very last option if at all you first of all have no time to use spy apps and secondly if you are really sure that you will find someone who is legit for the work. There are a lot of people who have been conned by scammers in their desperate situation to find a hacker.

Note that legitimate hackers barely advertise their services, at least not in an over indulging way. They know the risks that come with such practices, and many at times, they prefer staying anonymous so as to protect their identity. The next time you see a hacker for hire banner or a pop up in every internet site, be careful before you dial that number.

However, as much there are several counterfeits in the market, so are there legit people who are very professional and highly reliable in the hacking business. These are found through referencing in most cases or using a private investigator. Others are within security firms, but their work is used explicitly for federal investigations, and they are not allowed to use their services away from their job’s jurisdiction.

One of the methods used by a hacker to get into the target’s phone is an everyday activity known as Cloak and Dagger Android Hack. This is usually an illegal way but quite familiar with pro hackers. An application is made and uploaded onto Play Store, where the target innocently downloads it, opening up their phone for a security breach.

Once the dagger application is installed, the hacker can access whatever they are looking for and maybe even control the phone from whichever part of the world they may be.

Another exciting method a hacker uses is the use of IMSI catcher. This one tracks mobile networks on the phone, allowing the hacker to eavesdrop on the victim’s
conversations either through calls or texts.

This form of hacking was initially meant for law enforcement, but in recent years, more criminals have found a way to incept mobile networks as well. It is quite an expensive method where the hacker can ask for over a thousand dollars before the work is done given the risk that comes with it.

Wireless sniffer hack is another common method in this era. It comes by one using public WiFi without being cautious. The hacker uses the internet to track the IP address of the target and finds a way to monitor their online activities and sometimes gain access to offline events as well.

Does Hacking A Phone Using a Phone Number Exist?

Many people wonder if it is possible for someone to be hacked just by the hacker having their mobile phone number. This is not yet a way that phone hacking can occur yet. A lot of scammers attract their victims by such advertisements. However, you need to know that it is not yet possible so the next time you come across such an ad, just ignore it.

Legal Hacking

A lot of people think that they the FBI or any other superior government authority might be looking into their phones. This might be possible given that the government has the right to ask for access into your phone’s data if at all, you are a criminal suspect or might be at a safety risk.

However, top government security firms do not use universal spy apps such as FlixiSPY or mspy.

If at all they are looking into your phone, chances are you will not be aware as they will not leave any trace of their activities. The only way you can find out if they have been in your phone is by getting a tech wizard to look into your phone to find any traces, and the person has to be extra great at their work.

How to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked

You now know how easy it is for someone to get into your private phone space without you having a clue. This is why you need to make sure that you have secured your phone from hacking. There are many ways to do so, and here are some of the common ones.

Use passwords to lock your phone. As much as there are apps that can now monitor screenshot on your phone and how you operate it, having a unique password that is not easily detectable could prevent these apps from being installed in your phone in the first place.

Applications for phone locks. Another way to keep your phone only accessible by you is by using apps to lock your phone. Set these applications to secure your phone automatically. Other applications will also help you manage your passwords, making sure you are using a strong one.

AppNotify. Downloadable in Google’s Play Store, the app notifies you through your email whenever an application is installed in your phone. This will help you monitor your application downloads to know which ones you authorized and which ones have found their way into your phone illegally.

Updating your iPhone. Every time you update your iPhone, spy apps are automatically deleted. The more you do this regularly, the more you secure your iPhone from jailbreak phone hacking. This, however, does not secure one from the no jailbreak version. For this kind of iPhone hacking, you will have to make sure that you only know your passwords and Apple ID.


Resetting your phone’s factory settings will automatically delete all the apps installed in your phone, getting rid of any spy applications as well. However, you do not want to get rid of everything in your phone every time as much as it a good security practice.

Therefore, paying keen attention to the other security practices discussed above is a better option and actually cost-free unless the security applications you choose to use come at a price.

Hacking a phone has been made easier in this era with technology being a common topic to most people. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are safe, and so are your kids when they get their phones.

Hacking can be a good practice for an authority figure to oversee a kid’s activity on their phones, but when practiced by the wrong people, it could be a significant threat to personal security.

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