How to Install Cell Phone Spy Software Programs

I have installed many different cell phone spy software programs over the last few years and I want to share a few tips and some advice on how to do this successfully. In most cases the process is easy enough but you will have to follow some instructions exactly, to get everything to work correctly.

In my recent article about Problems with Spy Software I mentioned that installation problems are the most common and in fact lead to the majority of issues people have. Get it right from the start and your experience will be so much better.

Are the Programs All the Same?

The installation process for most spy phone software apps is basically the same but there are slight differences in the order of things between the various apps. The general process is:

  • Choose the correct package for your cell phone
  • Make the payment
  • Receive email with instructions and download link
  • Register with the company – create username and password
  • Download the software – directly on to the target cell phone
  • Activate – enter a unique code from your email
  • Re- boot
  • Configure the reporting settings

You are good to go! Sounds really easy and most times it is.

The list above is a general sequence of what happens but each of the software how to install cell phone spy software programs are slightly different – with some you create an account first, some don’t need a reboot , some configure settings inside the members control panel.

You MUST follow the instructions EXACTLY for each of the different programs. They all send an email with detailed instructions and activation codes specific to their software – keep this email safe! Rename it and hide it in a folder if necessary.

MobiStealth sends the installation instructions in their email whilst StealthGenie and Mobile Spy both have detailed guides on their websites. If it is your first time installing this type of software I recommend you read these and get familiar with the process.

Flexispy take a unique approach and have a handy Installation Wizard to guide you through – it’s pretty great and saves a lot of sweat – especially for first timers.

How Long Will it Take?

The whole process can take as little as 5 minutes – when you know what you are doing. If it is your first time installing spy software I would suggest you allow about forty minutes if possible. This might sound extreme but remember that most problems people encounter will arise from an error during installation.

Simple instructions can suddenly seem very complicated if you are under pressure and in a hurry. Once the installation is complete it can take about thirty minutes for the data to start showing up in the online members area. If there is a lot of data on the target phone – contacts, video, emails etc. it may be a few hours before you have access to all of the data.

Tips for Success

  • Choose the correct package for your cell phone AND Operating System.
  • Be prepared – read through the instructions and take short notes if necessary.
  • Keep all details to hand – keep the email, activation codes and passwords etc. Remember that all are case sensitive and must be entered exactly.
  • Give yourself some time – depends on your confidence.
  • Sit beside your PC – you will need access to the internet and your email. After installation you want to be able to check everything is working. Don’t try this on the bus!
  • Follow instructions carefully and Exactly

Common Mistakes

No email with activation codes and download link. When you are at the end of the buying process you need to click the link “return to merchant” to complete the process and trigger your email. If you miss this you will need to contact their support and they will send out the email manually. If you have no email – check your spam folder.

Jailbreak your iPhone – to install any spy phone software on the iPhone make sure it is Jailbroken.

Enable unknown sources for Android phone installation. Some people enable unknown sources miss this one although it is covered in the instructions. Go to settings – security – check unknown sources. This allows the software to be installed on Android.

The first time you install spy software can be a little daunting especially if you are a bit of a technophobe. Most mistakes happen when people are trying to do things too quickly and feeling under pressure.

Avoid the James Bond approach, be prepared and take as much time as you need and the process is easy enough for anyone to follow. Hope this helps a bit and remember to ask any questions in the comments section below.

How not to install spy software – check out Remote Install Spy Software – for a guide on what not to do!