Different Types of Spy Phone for Different Spying Needs

What exactly is a spy phone? I get contacted by so many people saying they need a spy phone and that very question tells me that they don’t really know much about what is available. The truth is that most people aren’t aware of various kinds of spy gadgets being sold these days.

They have maybe heard of spy phones but don’t really know what they are or how they can be used. Part of the reason behind this website is to try and guide people through the often complicated and potentially dangerous world of modern spy equipment. So what is a spy phone?

By definition – any phone or cell phone that is used to covertly monitor a person or place.

The first thing to realize is that there are many different kinds of spy phone available. Here are a few of the most common types to get started:

A Cell Phone with Spy Software Installed

There are many different software applications that can be secretly installed on What is a spy phone almost any type of modern cell phone. I have written a few articles and reviews of some of these products, going into detail about how they work – read “How to Buy the Best Cell Spy Phone Software” for a good guide to spy software and what it can do.

The software can be very powerful allowing you to monitor all activity on the phone from text messages and voice calls to internet usage and GPS tracking.

A spy software program such as Flexispy is just about as complete a Spy Phone as you are going to get. StealthGenie is another great example of a quality iPhone spy app – check out those articles for more information.

A Phone as a Bug

A spy phone could simply be a phone fitted with a listening device. This can be done with some of the software programs above but usually such a phone is bought as a recorder which looks just like a regular mobile phone.

You could set your phone on the table during meetings to record what is said, or leave it there when you leave the room – to hear what is really being said behind your back! So this type of spy phone is basically a disguised voice recorder.

A Phone as a Hidden Camera

Similar to the bug but this time you buy a phone which can record video or take pictures covertly. Now most regular cell phones today have good video and stills cameras, so you could use them as spy phones if you are a little creative.

You can also buy specialized spy phones with lenses designed to capture a wide angle view of the phones surroundings and that can be activated remotely or by motion sensors. So you could leave the cell phone on a table and when someone enters the room the recording begins, a sort of innocent looking nanny cam. More advanced models will record the sound as well.

A Spy Phone as a Tracking Device

The major cell phone monitoring software programs have tracking capabilities allowing you to see exactly where the phone is – in real time, using GPS monitoring. You can buy a cell phone specifically for this purpose with the software pre-installed which may be handy but is often expensive. A better option is to buy a cheap or second hand cell phone and install the software yourself.

spy phone Why not just buy a tracking device? Well, by using a cell phone you could actually save money and of course if someone discovers an old cell phone they may not be very suspicious. I had a client who used an old cell phone fitted with spy software which he left in his partner’s car to track her movements.

When she eventually noticed it she just wondered who had dropped their phone in the car and he got away with it. I wouldn’t recommend this of course – there can be serious legal implications.

And so you can begin to see that there are many variations of what can technically be called Spy Phones. For me the software option is usually the most complete as with the best cell phone software packages you can do almost everything – if you are creative.

Be careful – it is your responsibility to use any spy phone or equipment in a legal manner. Illegal use of spy equipment can have serious consequences including jail in some countries. Be legal and try to be ethical, monitoring can be for good reasons such as safeguarding your children or protecting your property.

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