Stay Legal

Please read this article and understand the principles being discussed. There has always been a tendency for some companies and individuals to ignore the laws around using cell phone monitoring or Spy software, but we live in an ever changing world. It is very important to protect yourself and keep within the laws where you live.

Legal Uses for Monitoring Software.

Laws will vary depending on where in the world you live and it is your responsibility to do your own research and seek expert legal advice if necessary. I am not a legal professional. In most countries there are only 2 legal ways to use monitoring software.

Child monitoring.

You can legally monitor your own child’s cell phone or device as long as that child is a minor (under 18 years in the United States). You must own and pay the bill for the phone. Parents make up the majority of spy software users in a bid to monitor and control their children’s devices and internet use.

Employee Monitoring

It is legal to monitor cell phones and devices, owned by the company, as long as the employees have been informed that their devices are being monitored – in writing. Bosses cannot install this software without the knowledge of their employees.


Of course you can also use this software on your own personal phone, as many do, to take advantage of the tracking and security features some of these products offer.

This Website – Policy

I have never condoned or encouraged the illegal use of any monitoring products on this website. If you are leaving any comments on this site or asking questions using the email contact form – keep it legal. I will not publish or answer any questions relating to blatantly illegal activities.

Spy software products can be used in good and proper ways so do us all a favour and stay on the right side of the laws where you live!

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