mSpy, FlexiSPY and MobiStealth – a Comparison of Spy Phone Software Apps

Buying spy phone software applications can be a little confusing so I wanted to do a comparison review of the top programs. Hopefully this will make things a little clearer and help you to choose the best option for your circumstances. Be sure to check out the comparison chart below and read why my reviews and ratings are really different.

Updated January 2021

In a Hurry?

At a glance, this table shows my ratings and my top picks for the spy phone apps market. I don’t have loads of reviews – only the ones I test and can honestly recommend.

Make sure you have a quick look through my website – lots of information real Reviews and guides – and check out the comments – from real people on a real website! I’m not a big company pushing their own product.

More Comparisson Tables below – covering monitoring features – so keep reading!

What’s Wrong with Online Reviews?

You know what I hate about most reviews online? So often they just regurgitate the marketing material already on the actual company website. I have been guilty of this in the past myself and to be fair it is difficult sometimes to provide a unique perspective.

For this  series of articles I am trying a different approach to help you decide which spy software program is best for your needs. I have written separate, detailed reviews –

mSpy Reviews

Flexispy Reviews

Mobistealth Reviews

Mobile Spy – no longer recommended.

– and then added a comparison review here to try to break it down into the most important factors you need to consider before buying any software.

Some reviews can be simply X is better than Y because… But with cell phone spy software a straight comparison is not that simple. Each product has different features at different prices and with varying pricing plans – it is actually quite confusing at first. spy software comparison review

These phone spy software companies package their services together in different ways, making a like for like comparison difficult. They overlap in many of the basic reporting features they provide but each still has a unique set of features and they sell them differently.

Take a look at the comparison chart I have created listing the most significant features for each cell phone spy package. I have compared the top level software for each product to try to keep the comparison fair. Each package reviewed is the company’s most expensive option.

The chart has been modified to reflect recent changes with the different programs including the StealthGenie update.

Comparison Chart – Flexispy, Mobile Spy mSpy and MobiStealth

    • Features
    • Call Intercept
    • Call Recording
    • Surroundings Rec.
    • GPS Tracking
    • Text and Call Logs
    • Email
    • Trigger Words
    • Alerts
    • Web History
    • Photos and Video
    • Contacts
    • View / Block Apps
    • Lock / Wipe Phone
    • Live Screenshot
    • Sim Notification

Note: for clarification on the features above you can refer back to my individual reviews or check out the company websites at the links provided. Only the main features are listed and they are for the top range packages of each program. Not all features are available for all types of phones – be sure to check individual features on the websites and make sure your phone is covered.

Social and Chat Monitoring Compared

The table below lists all of the social and chat / messenger programs that can be monitored by each application. They all monitor different sites so make sure you have support for the ones you really need. At this time FlexiSpy has the best coverage – but I’ll keep this updated as the list keeps growing.

Remember that some monitoring is only available for Rooted Android devices and iPhone – check the sites before buying!

Decision Time

Hopefully you now have a clearer view of what each of the spy software apps provide in terms of features, reporting and social/chat monitoring. Now it’s important to consider some other factors about the software providers. You are making an investment of your own cash and should try to spend your money wisely and safely.

I have rated the companies based on my experience of using the products and my overall impression of the services and support they offer. This is my opinion, but I hope it will give you some guidance and of course you should check out as much as possible for yourself before buying.

mSpy – My Top Pick!

mSpy competes well with the rest of the field – so well that it is now the best selling monitoring software.

I like this program because it just works – no bells and whistles or jumping through hoops – it does exactly what the makers promise. Plus they have a few added value features – assistance with installation and their No Jailbreak Solution have helped many people get started with monitoring.

Flexispy is the main competitor and it does have some advanced recording features, but if you don’t need these – and most people don’t – M Spy is the best value for money product right now. Competitive pricing from a reliable company – that is why so many people chose this software.

There is not a huge amount between the two product in terms of features although they monitor different chat and messaging platforms. mSpy works well, is reliable and easy to use – a good program to get started with!

mSpy Pricing

They have 2 packages with different terms:

Basic – 1 month = $29.99                  3 months = $59.99    1 year = $99.99


1 month = $69.99

3 months = $119.99

6 months = $149.99

12 months = $199.99

Read the full mSpy review here ….

Flexispy – For Advanced Features

They are currently the ONLY company offering advanced features such as Call Listening and Call Recording. After the legal issues and closing of Stealthgenie several companies have changed the features they support – not Flexispy. Now they stand out as having the most advanced monitoring features.

The only downside is that these features come at a cost and are only available with their top end version FlexiSpy Extreme.

Flexispy have now introduced short term pricing – previously, you could only buy annual subscriptions. Their most expensive Extreme package is now available for 3 months making it more affordable, but don’t ignore their standard version – it is competitively priced with more features than the rest – as long as you don’t need the call recording etc.

Taking everything into account Flexispy is now without question the most advanced in terms of features. It really depends on what you need to monitor – is it worth that extra cost? If you need call intercept, call recording, extra help setting up, long term monitoring or simply like to have the best, then it is the one to choose. If cost is a major issue, you will find the others such as MSpy offer more value for money but with reduced monitoring features.

Flexispy Pricing

Now available in short term license, two versions available:

Flexispy Extreme      –  $199 for 3 months   $349 for 12 months – plus free Password Cracker

Flexispy Premium     –  $68 for 1 month,      $99 for 3 months,       $149 for 12 months


Read my full review of Flexispy here ….


MobiStealth falls a little behind the others both in terms of features and pricing. Still, compared with all the scam software out there, it is a decent program worth consideration. It is reliable and has been around for quite a while.


MobiStealth Pro –

3 months – $79.99

6 months – $99.99

12 months- $139.99

Read my full Review here…

Mobile Spy

I no longer recommend using MobileSpy monitoring – they have recently changed a lot of features and they now show a large icon on the target phone, informing the device user that it is being monitored! Not exactly stealth. I can not see them being a viable long term option for many people.

Their support and information are good, they have short term contracts and the price is significantly cheaper than Flexispy. If you buy the annual packages you also get free Sniper Spy – which is actually great computer spy software, like Mobile Spy but for the PC. If you can live without some of the advanced features, then Mobile Spy is a great way to give phone monitoring software a try – from as little as $50 for three months.

I have found Mobile Spy to be an excellent product, not overly complicated but quietly does what it is supposed to.  Great value for money and a great way to start using this type of program.

Mobile Spy Prices

They offer 2 packages – Basic and Premium (with their Live Control Panel) – both for 3, 6 or 12 months :
Basic                                                                    Premium (Includes Live Control Panel)                                        
3 Months   –  $49.97                                                      $64.97

6 Months   –  $69.97                                                      $89.97

12 Months –  $99.97                                                      $139.97

You also get 3 months free Sniper Spy (PC monitoring software) with all 12 month packages.

Full MobileSpy Review here….

That’s about it for now. I hope you have a better idea of what these spy phone software apps can do and are ready to take the plunge. These programs are from decent companies – they all work well and your money will be safe. Be sure to read the associated articles on my site and then get started. Keep an eye on MSpy and Flexispy Software – I think they are winning the race at the moment!

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