How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account and Password

Do you want to hack someone’s Instagram account? In this article, you will learn how to spy on a user on Instagram. Some methods are quite complex but there is a simple method to do it. Even someone with minimal tech skills can easily spy on an Instagram account and even get their password.

Remember on this site I only promote legal and ethical ways to hack or monitor various devices and platforms – there are laws to respect! These methods are very important when it come to keeping your kids safe online and are used by many concerned parents.

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Lets get to it!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a site that launched in 2010. It is quite new compared to other media sharing sites. The site is now the property of Facebook. About a million people globally use Instagram a month. Over 71% of the users are below 35 years, 72% of teens in the USA have Instagram, and about 25% of smartphone users have Instagram.

In short, Instagram is huge and you should take notice if you are a parent. While it started as a media-sharing site, it has become quite popular as a platform for entertainment. Its social nature is quite popular with young people who love sharing those funny clips.

The main reason you might want to hack Instagram is that it is used for messaging. Kids no longer send text messages; they use Instagram and other apps to send messages. They love it since there is no extra cost.

All messaging takes place via Wi-Fi or using the data plan. It is used on computers and laptops. For most young people, Instagram is used over their phones.

As with all social media apps, it is hard to keep up with what your kids are doing. You do not want to find out they got into a mess online. The good thing is that it is easy to do it. This is why you might want to hack Instagram.

Why Spy on Instagram?

People spy on others for many reasons. However, the main one is to keep an eye out for the kids. However, others might have less ethical reasons to hack Instagram accounts. For instance, it might be to spy on loved ones and catch cheaters. It is thus always going to be for personal reasons.

Keep in mind there are laws that protect the privacy of people for a reason.

Hackers may also want to gain entry into devices via the app. The aim is often sinister-to access private details such as banking data.

Hackers might also want to hijack a popular account. Some celebs have been targeted due to their huge following. Marketers take over the account and send offers to their followers. The accounts could also be used to access compromising photos in order to use as ransom. It is clear the reasons are many.

Cell Phone Spy Apps

There are many spy app programs you can install on a phone and use them to monitor people. These apps can be quite effective at times. However, avoid using these apps for illegal work. Only use the apps for ethical reasons such as keeping kids safe.

These apps can help you know where the kids are and what they are saying to others online. If you watch them closely, you will be able to protect them better. These apps are able to monitor calls and text messages.

However, it is not enough just to monitor SMS and calls anymore. Kids now have access to various methods of chatting with others. For instance, Instagram has become a popular alternative. It is one of the most popular options.

If you are worried about how safe your kids are, you need to have access to their accounts. You are lucky that today, new apps allow you to monitor even Instagram.

How to Hack Instagram Easily

There are only a few options that can be used to hack Instagram. Each option has a varying degree of difficulty or even the chance of success. There is one option that is easy and reliable to use. If used in a responsible manner, it can be quite effective. Here are some of the popular options.

Using a Spy App

A spy app is the simplest method to view your kids’ Instagram. It will allow you to access everything they do online. It is reliable and safe and it can be done without the knowledge of the user. It is a smart option for keeping kids safe online.

You need to know that there are many apps online but only a few options work well. Some other apps are scams. It is important to do research before you spend money. The best options to spy on Instagram are:


This is an awesome program that has been used for years and it consistently adds new features often. It will let you see everything they do on Instagram including videos, photos, messages, the contact list, and much more. It comes with a keylogger feature that will let you hack the password and username of the Instagram account.

This app reports all media stored on the phone, and it has a wide array of other services, which can be checked. They include hacking Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and many others.

It comes with many other spy features as well. In short, it does more than just take down messaging apps. The app is offered on both the iOS and Android platforms. It has been tested many times and it works great.

Read my main mSpy Reviews page for much more details about this best selling spy app.


This is another awesome spy app, which will come with the ability to spy on Instagram. Just like the mSPY app, you will have access to all Instagram activity.

Flexispy comes with a large range of monitoring features that work on social media apps and even messenger apps. It works on most of the popular options offered today. You can even Spy on Facebook and Skype with this app. It is quite expensive if you need voice recording features, but it has everything that you might need to spy on your kids.

Read my main FlexiSPY Reviews page here for all the details – it is really worth a look if you are serious about monitoring your kids online!

XNSPY and Mobistealth

These are both decent apps that can spy on Instagram for iOS and Android devices. But in all honesty – I would recommend going with mSpy or FlexiSPY if you want a reliable, working solution.

How Instagram Hacking Works with Spy Apps

To use these spy apps, you simply buy the license online. You will then install it and the app will start monitoring the device on which it is installed. All reporting will then be done using an online dashboard or a control panel. You can log on from any device that has an internet connection and you can see all activity on the target device.

The main benefit of using these spy apps is that the user will not know about it. Once installed, all reporting takes place automatically. The user will never know there is a spy app on their device.

Instagram Hack Free Online Tools

Keep in mind that free things are always suspicious. A simple search shows you many hack tools you use free. Enter the username of the account and these tools will let you access the password and details of their account. Most of them do not work.

You might have to try hundreds of them before you ever find one that will work. However, finding one is likely impossible. You can even try your own account and it will not work. They are just phishing scams trying to get your details or they are an MLM campaign that will eventually take your money.

Why do Free Tools Exist?

It is simply a scam to make money from dumb people. They work quite well too. The owners take time to craft these tools to ensure they succeed. They know people who want to find hack tools are desperate and are driven by emotion. Each time you are emotional, your guard is lowered. When you get to the site, you are offered other fake tools to hack other apps. Some will be an all-in-one app.

They will ask you for the username of the account you wish to hack. It will show you a screen indicating that the hack is progressing. It will also show you some The Matrix-style code. This can reassure the common person a hack is in progress.

hacking instagram

The money shot comes after a minute or two. You will be asked to verify your identity to get the details of the hack. You only have to enter an email, complete a survey, click on three ads or share to five of your contacts. This is simply a scam to get paid for you clicking on ads.

At the end of it, you will get nothing. They are very crafty, you might be told the process failed and you have to do it again. You will then be told to go back and click more ads, giving the owner more revenue. For each email you deliver, they earn a small amount. It is a lucrative venture, which is simply a marketing scam.

If you still think it is true, try one yourself; just use an idle email address to avoid being bombarded with spam mail. They even have fake comments at the bottom to convince you they work. If you try to contact any commentator, you will not find much help. Online free hacking tools will not work. No matter how much you hope they will work, it is a waste of time.

Phishing Hacks

A phishing hack is another way your account could be hacked. These hacks are real and serious. While you will not get details on how to conduct a phishing hack here, here is what they are.

Phishing is illegal in all its forms. It entails fraud and the abuse of copyright laws. A simple process entails setting up a fake site and installing software to collect data. It is not something an ordinary person can do. If you are trying to see what your kid posts on Instagram, this is not the method to use.

A fake site is set to look like the Instagram site. The site can then be sent to a Person via their email and they are requested to login since the site was experiencing some kind of hack. Worried, a person will enter their details fast without much afterthought. When the victim enters their details, the account is hacked and the hacker has all the details now.

Phishing hacks mainly target financial data and they are a major issue in the financial world. Unless you are famous, you might not suffer a phishing attack to access your account.

Professional Hackers?

There are people who do not need software to hack anything. They are just good at what they do. You have seen headlines of how someone accesses all the data from the government via a laptop in their room. Pro hackers can access an Instagram account.

However, finding this person is a lot of work. Nevertheless, there are people who promise to do this for you. This is usually a scam.They know you are desperate for any kind of help. You will even find ads claiming they can do it for you in just a few minutes.

You will contact them and they give you a price. Once you send the money, you start getting stories about delays to the system. In some cases, they might try to ask for money just for good measure. Do not go there. Later on, they might even threaten to expose you to the person you tried to hack if you do not pay them some good amount of money.

Hackers and any free online hacking tools being advertised will not work. You will lose your money and you will feel humiliated. Most hackers would never advertise their services. It is illegal and the government would pounce on them very soon. Thus, these are cons.

If you do not have to access the Instagram account of your kid, do not do it. You are responsible for keeping your kids safe and there are many other options to achieve that.

If you are genuine about keeping the kids safe and checking what they do online, try the spy apps discussed above. All other means will leave you poor or even compromise your equipment. With the rise of ransomware, you might end up losing your hard disk or phone trying to get free tools to use.

A good spy app will not just check Instagram. It will also help you monitor their GPS and all other messaging apps. This way, you can be sure the kids are safe.


With a bit of effort, you can find a good spy app to use. Keep in mind that you still have to install it on the target device in most cases. The best time to do it is immediately you buy the phone for them.

After that, it will have a password and might be almost difficult to access. If you are serious, you could simply pick the phone and demand they open it. This could be the perfect time to install spy apps.

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