MobiStealth Review 2024 – New Look at an Old Favorite

This MobiStealth review is again a little bit different, for a start it is a real review by someone who has used and tested it. I want to introduce this product as part of my series of cell phone monitoring software reviews, to act as a viable alternative to products like mSpy, MobileSpy and FlexiSpy Extreme.

With the fall of Stealthgenie, I have been testing a few other software programs over the last three months and MobiStealth has come out well in testing.

Updated for 2024

The Old MobiStealth Spy Software

I first used MobiS about three years ago when I was tasked with installing mobistealth software monitoring software on company cell phones at my workplace. Looking back it is amazing how things have progressed – the technology is very advanced compared to back then!

Back then I had a few problems with Mobi Stealth and stopped using it. The software worked – mostly, but their web interface was incredibly buggy and just didn’t perform well for me. I didn’t want to just do “another” Mobistealth reviews article with no value or purpose.

Another issue was that they had a lot of down time, when you couldn’t access their website to view the logs. I also hated their marketing spiel – the usual “spy on a cheating spouse” stuff although to be fair they all marketed this way – some still do!

Anyway, I gave up on it at the time and went with MobileSpy but in my recent search for alternatives I decided to give them another try.

The New Software

Check out the New Mobistealth Website here


Before signing up for any spy software programs I always recommend having a good look around their websites – some due diligence is always a good thing! I was impressed by a few changes they had made. A new clean and easy to follow website – creates a good first impression, if a company can’t be bothered to invest in the simple things, it isn’t a good sign.

Their whole marketing angle has changed to the real benefits of monitoring employees and children – another long term plus in my book. They have Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter profiles, again an indication of being genuine and not out for some quick scam.

I noticed they are also offering a Computer monitoring software product – I’m lining up some guides and reviews of this in the near future but the main significance is that new products and updates shows signs of a progressive company.

Some software companies release a product and just concentrate on selling as much as possible, neglecting updates or improvements, as these cost money. With technology based products like spy phone software it is important to have a company which is constantly developing their products – covering the new OS updates, adding new features. If MobiStealth had looked just like it had three years ago, I wouldn’t have given it a second chance.


mobistealth review pic1

Remember I didn’t like their old web interface – well even before buying I could check out their Online Demo – a mock account showing you how the reporting interface looks. Some of the other programs also have live demos and it is good to have a look, especially if you are new to this type of program. Thankfully they have updated everything and cleaned up the user control panel area – Stealth Club.

So everything was looking much better, but how did it perform?

Phone Compatibility

More improvements here. They support all the major Smartphones – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile. They compete well with the others and are updating constantly with the Operating Systems as well – OS 9 for iPhone, Android OS 5.2 Lolipop and BlackBerry OS 7 at the time of writing – but you can check their website for the latest phone compatibility charts. Phone compatibility is another good indication of software development.

New No Jailbreak Solution

They have recently released monitoring through iCloud backups – similar to the MSpy no jailbreak service. Again you need the users Apple ID and password, and the device must be set up with iCloud backups. It gives limited monitoring – but better than nothing if you can’t Jailbreak for some reason.

MobiStealth Help and Support

Like some of the others they have live web chat and a support ticket system – email based, as well as a U.S. postal address. I contacted their support just to check them out and got fast responses to my questions both before and after sales.

Support is most important when you are downloading and setting up the software and knowing you will get some help is crucial. Their instructions for installing the software were clear and easy to follow, very similar to the other programs – once you make the purchase they email instructions and the download link. When you have installed a few software programs it seems really easy but the first time can be a little daunting – good support and clear instruction are very important.


All of the top monitoring software programs deliver the standard reporting features, including Mobi-Stealth. They offer up to three different packages depending on the type of phone: Basic,Lite and Pro. I’ll give you a quick guide of these different options but check them out for yourself on their website before buying – these things change from time to time.

MobiStealth Basic – the cheapest option which covers only standard reporting features – call logs, SMS text messages, contacts and GPS tracking. Good enough for some people’s needs.

Lite – Increased monitoring and reporting features – SIM change notification, tracking when GPS is not available and browser history logs.

PRO – offers all of the basic and lite features plus – Photos and videos on the phone, sim change updates, tracking without GPRS enabled on the target phone and installed apps list. They also have a phone support service for this Pro package.

New Call Recording Feature

They have recently announced this feature for Android phones only – it is pretty big news! I am currently testing this feature and it seems pretty reliable so far – I will update my findings soon. Looks like they are going to try to challenge Flexispy.

With Pro you can also monitor the WhatsApp messaging service – another progressive feature.

MobiStealth works well offering a good range of features – but they no longer offer any call recording features. This was removed after Stealthgenie was closed down and so far it looks like FlexiSpy will remain the only spy software to support call and ambient recording.

MobiStealth Pricing 2024

With the three packages – comes three price levels. They also offer different length terms – 3, 6 and 12 months – good flexible options. Prices have recently been reduced:

Basic   –  2 weeks package for $19.99 – good to try it out!

Lite    – 3 months   $49.99   – 6 mth    $69.99    – 12 mth   $99.99
Pro    – 3 months    $79.99  – 6 mth    $99.99  – 12 mth   $139.99

The way I see it, they are really competing with mSpy and (formerly) MobileSpy both on price and features. The Lite version is comparable to MSpy on price but mSpy offers just a few more features – especially monitoring chat and social messenger services.

The Pro version is still way behind Flexispy in terms of advanced monitoring features – although it costs quite a bit less. Flexispy offers call recording as it’s Big feature, hence the higher price tag.

All in all, MobiStealth have come up with a good product as a viable alternative to the others.

They offer a 15 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee and may extend this if you have any technical issues.

Click this link to have a look at MobiStealth for yourself.


Why Choose This One?

I was pleasantly surprised at the improvements Mobi-Stealth have made since I last used this spy software. The company is obviously continuing to improve their product and have taken steps towards more ethical, long term marketing – So the company is a safe bet – not some scam.

Is it the best spy software, with the most features? No, but it is a good software product in its own right offering an alternative to the likes of Flexispy – the most advanced right now, and MSpy. It is a good mid range addition which will do more than enough in terms of reporting to satisfy most people.

I really liked how easy installation was plus the new user control panel was well organized. It is definitely worth checking out for yourself – don’t just take my word for it!

As with all of the products I look at on this site, I really value your feedback. Leave a comment below or ask any relevant questions. Have you tried MobiStealth?  Thanks for reading!

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