Mobile Spy Reviews – What You Really Need to Know

Here is my real review of Mobile Spy – one of the most popular mobile phone spy / monitoring software programs for sale today. This is part of my series of articles looking at spy phone software and I suggest you take five minutes to read some of the others before you decide to buy anything.

Most importantly read my reviews on Flexispy , mSpy App and Mobistealth, then take a look at the comparison review. For a better understanding of the basics of phone spy software read – How to Buy the Best Cell Phone Spy Software. All the articles are inter-related and are there to help you get a better overall understanding of what is available, how to use it, the legal issues and how to make the right choice for your needs.

I’m afraid I can no longer recommend using Mobilespy. They have recently made several huge changes to their program, the biggest one being that it is no longer Hidden! Now you must have a large icon on the target phone telling the user that the device is being monitored. There is no way around this and in my opinion it makes the software virtually useless for most users. It is a pity, as they had a decent program for many years. I guess we can’t really call it “Spy” software any more!

Flexispy and mSpy are the two most advanced programs available right now – check them out.

Mobile Spy Reviews

MobileSpy is great. It can do X, Y and Z. You install it like this, it Mobile Spy Softwareworks like that. It has these features…All these people love it. Did I mention it is great? You can buy it here – the end.

Sound familiar? This is of course the standard online review format that we all know and love. Well I can’t stand most of them – read ”What’s Wrong with Reviews?” my take on the subject.

What are you looking for from a product review like this one? Do you want me to just regurgitate word for word what the company already says on their website? List every feature and explain it. Tell you about all these recommendations from users – straight from the company website?

It can be difficult not to slip into this type of review but to give any value you need different information.

If you need the sales info just go to their website!

You probably came here because you are considering buying cell phone spy software and can’t decide:

  • Which product is the best?
  • Does it work?
  • Are you going to waste your money?

You are looking for reassurance that your purchase will be worthwhile. For that you need to hear from someone who has used this software and hear their honest opinion – you cannot simply rely on the company website or some rehashed sales junk for that information. Let’s answer some questions.

Mobile Spy Features Video

Rather than list all the features here, I’ve made a short video looking at some of the main features of MobileSpy – check it out and remember to visit our You Tube page.

Is This One the Best?

No. Not if you need to listen in to a conversation, or not if it won’t work on your phone. You see this is the wrong question, you need to know – is it the best software for You? This isn’t as full featured as some of the other software applications. It isn’t fancy but it is reliable and affordable and if basic monitoring is all you need then it may well be the best for you.

I’ve listed the main features in my comparison chart (click link to view). If you look closely at the available features you will notice that the major difference is the lack of call listening or recording. Do you really need these features? If you do, prepare to spend quite a bit more money.

The basic annual subscription with MobileSpy software is about $100; Flexispy Extreme – with all the bells and whistles comes at about $349 – but for that you get many advanced features, not offered by any other companies. Don’t waste your money on fancy features unless you really need them.

The basic monitoring available with this software is usually more than enough for most people.

Does This Software Work?

As with all the programs I have looked at this is a very important issue. They all work, the question is will they work for your phone? Phone compatibility is the main reason people fail to get this type of software to work well for them.

Each software provider has a different range of supported phones and Mobile S has one of the largest lists of supported phones covering the main players – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Your phone must be on the list, preferably the actual make and model of the phone but more importantly – the operating system version. There is a full list on their website with pictures included – very easy to use.

Supported Cell Phones and Tablets

Android – all versions up to and including OS 4.4.3

iPhone  – all up to iOS 7.1.2

BlackBerry – all 4.x up to 7.1

Also support for Windows and Symbian Operating Systems.

Remember the phone you need to monitor needs to have an internet connection data plan for any of the spy software apps to work. At the moment Stealthgenie  has a larger range of supported cell phones but all the companies are constantly updating the software to provide coverage of new phones as they come onto the market.

Just be aware that to use any external software on your iPhone it needs to be Jailbroken. Read my article for an easy way to Jailbreak an iPhone and find out the pros and cons.

Mobile Spy Updates

Now Available for Tablets and the iPad

With the release of version 6.5 comes support for monitoring all versions of the iPad and Android Tablet devices. Compatibility works just like for cell phones – match up the supported OS versions and you can download directly onto the device. Now you can monitor what’s going on when they are using a tablet or iPad.

Their latest update also added some new features:

Monitor Facebook and Twitter Apps – Now you can monitor Facebook and Twitter messages – you can view the actual messages, times sent and received and contact details.

Is Spy Phone Software a Waste of Money?

This is a major worry for many people when buying anything tech related. You want to make a safe purchase from a reliable company that will not run off with your money. I place great importance in dealing with reliable suppliers – hopefully with a track record in their market.

Mobile-Spy has been around for quite a while – they are U.S. based and have been selling monitoring software since about 2003.

Support is important and they do a good job – good information on their website including a knowledge base answering most questions. Step by step instructions which are easy to follow – great if you are not that tech savvy!

They have customer help phone lines and web chat support if you need them. All this gives you the confidence that there is real backup if you are having problems. I always recommend trying the support lines before buying any products, just to be sure they are legit.

Refunds? Some people have problems with getting refunds from software companies. The policy with Mobile-Spy states that they will not give a refund if you simply change your mind – fair enough as some could abuse this to get free software.

If you have technical difficulties which can’t be resolved they will give you a full refund. This is basically the standard policy across most spy companies. You can cancel subscriptions easily by phone or online and be sure your money is safe – they are a legitimate company and I have never had any issues with their support services.

Extras, Sweeteners – Call it what you like!

We all love something extra – for free and marketers know this very well. Sometimes it can be the difference between buying or not. With this one – they have a great free extra that I found really useful – a free subscription to their SniperSpy PC software. I go in to more detail in my SniperSpy review but it’s basically software for monitoring computer use.

Now I’m not normally a fan of this type of sweetener as often they are pretty useless but with this I found real value. I use it to keep an eye on what my kids are up to on the computer. It is simple, works well and does what it is supposed to.

Don’t fall into the marketing trap though, if you think it adds value for your needs then it is a good idea but don’t buy it just for the extras.

When you Should Buy Mobile-Spy Software

Your choice of software will come down to a few things:

  • What you need to monitor and in how much detail?
  • Is your cell phone compatible?
  • How much you can afford?

There are times when this is the best spy phone software to use assuming you have a compatible phone. When you do not need call listening or recording features this software is the cheapest option.

If you need to spy on a cell phone for a short period of time Mob Spy has a three month contract for around $50 – by far the best value out there. FlexiSpy and Mobistealth now also have three month subscription plans.

It also has a free live demo – great for seeing what the user panel and reporting looks like before you buy.

The spy software works well and is backed up with good support from a solid company you can trust. If you are happy to live without the more advanced features then this is the most affordable way to spy on a cell phone. I have used it and can recommend it.

Discount Coupon Codes – Mobile Spy

Keep an eye out here – several times a year they release discount codes with up to 20% off their plans. They are usually available at holiday times – including Black Friday and Christmas. Beware the scammers – many coupon sites will try to trick you into thinking you can get a discount – make sure a discount Actually shows up when you check out!

Click this link to go to the Mobile Spy website.


I hope you have found this review useful in some way and be sure to read the my other reviews – Flexispy and MobiStealth, along with the comparison review to get a better understanding of the best phone spy software on the market.

Always be sure to check out the legal issues surrounding the use of spy software – don’t sue me please!

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