Remote Install Cell Spy Software Exposed

Does remote install cell phone spy software actually work or is it a scam? Can you actually monitor a mobile phone without installing software on it? You need to read this and learn how to protect yourself.

I get questions about this subject at least once a week – in various forms.

  • Can I spy on a cell phone without having access to it?
  • What about product X – is it any good?
  • This software says I can install it on My phone and monitor another one – true?
  • Does remote cell spy work?              – You get the idea!

I get where people are coming from, I do. They want to use cell phone monitoring software, read that you need to install it onto the target phone and realize this is not going to work for them. Either they don’t have physical access to the target phone or it is password protected.

So they search the internet and find these companies promoting so called remote install spy software – no access to the target phone, download to your phone – works on all phones! Here’s the thing, no matter how much you want something to work – it doesn’t mean it will.

This is the Emotion they are preying on, that you really want it to be true.

The companies know you are desperate for this to work and you let your guard down. You might not notice the glaring issues, screaming that things are not quite right. I will show you how to spot some of warning signs and put this issue to bed – once and for all! But you know what? People will still fall for it!

Can You Spy on a Cell Phone Remotely, Without Access to the Target Phone?

NO, never, not at all! Look at the major, established companies selling monitoring software – like mSpy, FlexiSpy or MobileSpy. Why would these companies Only sell software that needs to be installed directly onto the target phone, if there was an easy alternative – a remote install? There are two main reasons.

  1.  It would be totally illegal. Remember, to use traditional spy software you must have legal rights over the phone and any adult must be informed that it is monitored. Imagine if you could just ring any number and spy on that phone – would that be OK with you?
  1. The technology does NOT work as they suggest.

How it is Supposed to Work

These companies tell you that this will work on any cell phone on any network without modifying the phone. You simply install the software on your own phone and then ring up the cell phone you want to monitor – after thirty seconds you will be able to see all future activity of the target phone.

Does this sound too good to be true?

The first minor issue – if you own an iPhone, you can’t install any external software which is not available from the Apple store, unless you Jailbreak it (modify it).

Next up – say you can actually install it onto your phone (most never get this far). They say you just need to dial the target cell number and connect for thirty seconds. What they actually mean is that you need to use Bluetooth tethering to connect – some call it Frequency Pairing but it is not.

For this to happen Both phones need to accept the Bluetooth connection – which usually means turning on Bluetooth (both phones) and adding a long code to pair the devices. The other issue with Bluetooth is that both phones need to be close – maximum range for Bluetooth is about 50 meters. Ref : Fast Facts Bluetooth

So now it looks like you don’t need the target phone in your possession after all Bluetooth Logo – but you are going to have to call up the target phone owner and get them to turn on their Bluetooth settings and then accept your device – IE. Your cell phone.

Oh, and they need to be within at least 50 meters. If they go more than 50m away or if they turn off Bluetooth you will need to do it all again.

Can you see any problems with this? Does this sound like the wonderful technology they describe?

This is the thinking behind the technology they are offering – which is just ridiculous in the first place.

The fact is that even if you can jump through all those hoops and ignore the legal issues, it still does not work. When you buy this type of spy software they give you separate download files for the different phone types – Android, iPhone etc.

This is what you are supposed to install on your cell phone. The problem is that they are almost always impossible to install – the files are so outdated and simply don’t work. So, not only is the idea totally impractical but the technology itself is useless.

You Don’t Have to Take My Word for it.

When you find one of these products just do a Google search for the product name and add “scam” then look at what people are saying about being ripped off and not able to get refunds. Remote Install Cell Spy software

Of course you might also find websites saying how great they are. Have a close look at any site claiming they work – do they look legitimate, are they a proper website or just a promo page?

These companies are all basically scam operations. They will take your money and run. They are always based overseas or use virtual office addresses.

The products themselves are constantly changing names – when the level of complaints gets too high and the reputation is ruined, they simply re-brand the same thing as another name.

I have never found or heard of one which actually works as they suggest. They are easy to spot if you look for a few warning signs.

Look for Warning Signs

If the spy software product claims it can be remotely installed, installed only on your phone or any version of this – it is simply a scam. It really is that simple. With the legal implications, no real company is going to release this kind of software – even if technically they could.

The websites which promote these products usually have some common terminology and a certain style to them – look for some of these:

One time payment – Free lifetime upgrades – no monthly charge
All of the legitimate spy software programs sell you the license for a period of time, from a month to a year. They need to do this in order to fund development.

As new versions of phones and Operating Systems are released they need to keep updating their software. The market moves quickly and they try to keep up with changing systems. A one off, lifetime purchase in this market is always a sign of a scam.

Strange Free Bonuses – a common trick is to bundle together other useless products, free when you buy their software. One offers a free Hypnosis CD – handy! If a free bonus looks dodgy it probably is. Real companies don’t do this kind of thing.

Look at the sales page. Does it look like a real website – with multiple articles, company details, address etc? Or is it one really long page with lots of tick boxes and headlines, a crumby looking video, loads of Buy Now boxes – interspersed with glowing “testimonials”.

You get to recognize these sales pages – they are all similar, just the product changes.

The Price – often, but not always a giveaway. Does it seem like an incredibly good deal – compared to all the other spy software programs? If you were a business and you had developed this amazing software product, would you sell it at a fraction of your main competition? If you see a site selling a brand new iPad with a “lifetime guarantee” for $49.95 – would you key in your credit card details?

How can you pay – check out the payment methods they will accept. I’m guessing only credit cards, Skrill or some other money brokers. Real businesses offer several methods and most include Pay Pal. There is a reason.

Remember they are running a scam, they don’t want to be bothered with little things like refunds. It’s a churn and burn process and none of them can deal with Pay Pals rules.

Google their address – if they actually print one on the website. I found one whose address was a famous baseball ground in Chicago!

I could go on and on. A lot of these warning signs can be applied to any online purchase. Before you get out your credit card you need to have a good look at any website. Step back for a moment and think – is this too good to be true and are you happy giving your details to a crumby looking website.

Unfortunately these scam companies will continue to make money off the unwary. They will continue to change their names and websites when things get too hot then move on again. If you take on board what I have said you should be able to avoid getting scammed.

Final Note

If you come across any website either selling or promoting Remote Install cell spy software – leave! If a review site is actually recommending these products you simply can’t believe a word they say – they are trying to make money over providing honest opinion.

Have you been scammed – tell us about it in a comment – it might just save someone else.

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