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Stealthgenie News!

StealthGenie has been temporarily suspended from 27th September 2014 due to an ongoing legal case. At this time I can only recommend checking out the other alternatives – I have reviews on :

mSpy    MobiStealth      and  Flexispy. Flexispy is the only one to provide call recording features and at the moment they are offering a 50% discount to all unsatisfied StealthGenie customers – details on their site here.

Third in my look at spy software comes Stealth Genie for BlackBerry, Android and the iPhone. Hopefully you have been following my series about monitoring cell phones. This is the newest spy phone app I have reviewed and it has some unique features but is it what you are looking for?

Important – Updated April 2015

This review has been updated several times since it was first written – to reflect ongoing changes. Stealth-Genie have been busy as usual with major support and feature updates. Already this year they have offered monitoring for the iPhone 5 and in June 2013 announced a major step forward with support for all iPads and Android Tablets. Keeping up the pace as usual!

Early in January 2012 they released software for the iPhone running up to iOS4 – a huge step and highlighting their commitment to the market. Then they released the first iPhone monitoring software for iOS5 and for Android 4.0 – Now They are leading the way in the spy phone market in terms of supported cell phones. Latest versions support iOS7.0.4.

Now Supporting All iPad and Android Tablet Versions

With this latest release you can now have the same monitoring power with any iPad or Android based Tablets. As more and more kids and business users are getting into Tablets – the ability to track and monitor them is huge.

Support at the moment covers :

Android – All versions up to 4.4

iPhone (and iPad) – All versions up to and including iOS 7.1.2 (2014)

BlackBerry 4.6 and above up to 7.1

Always check their site for the latest versions.

As well as this they have continued to add premium features such as monitoring for WhattsApp, iMessage, BB Messenger and stealthgenie spy software kids Gmail – and they gave the website a well deserved makeover!

But is any of this really important? YES – it shows a commitment to providing a long term product with continuing improvements. They are investing heavily in their business and are getting results with over one hundred thousand customers.

In this series of articles I have reviewed Mobile Spy , MobiStealth, FlexiSpy and now comes the Stealth Genie review.

In my opinion and experience these are the best spy phone software packages available at the moment. If you read my comparison review you will see how they match up in terms of features and I have rated them based on my sparkling opinion – for what it’s worth!

Now if you’ve been following along you’ll know I don’t like the old straight review style. If you want to know about all the various spy features that Stealth Genie comes with you can  –

Go to their website and check them out for yourself.


They do a great job of telling you how great their product is – why reviewers feel the need to repeat all this I don’t know! But anyway, after all that I will talk about a couple of cool features the software offers, features unique to S Genie.

They are relevant because they are something new in terms of what is available from the other applications – oh and the Genie has been growing massively in popularity.

The Problem with Stealth Genie?

When this article was first written I had rated this program as my third choice, heavily influenced by the lack of supported cell phones – most notably the iPhone. That has all changed with 2012 seeing them roll out the updates – iOS4 and iOS5.

They were also the first to support Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now they are leading the way in terms of supported phones.

The other thing I took into account when reviewing this software was the company itself. I like to recommend solid, reliable companies with a track record. It matters to me that people will believe and trust my recommendations.

This was a relatively new company and didn’t have the same history of service and development as the others. For this reason I viewed it as having slightly more risks attached to buying their software – were they going to stick around or fade away like some others in this market.

During the last year they have been at the forefront of development and have left most of the others behind in many respects. As time goes on they are gaining that track record and show all the signs that they intend to keep moving forward.

Stealth G is the most exciting choice at the moment and it has the greatest potential – being driven by a young, forward looking company. With all their updates and improvements in the last year they are making the competition look very static – MobileSpy are the only ones to have reacted with some added features.

The spy software itself is great value for money, works well and is innovative – supporting Android, BlackBerry and the iPhone.

Unique Features of the Genie!

This is where it gets interesting. Each of the products have similar reporting functions but Stealth-Genie is setting itself apart with advanced cell phone tracking features and some unique reporting tricks. In this regard it is well ahead of the others. If you need something more than the standard monitoring features, this one is worth a closer look.

These extra features also happen to be very useful for parents trying to monitor their kids or for small business owners needing to monitor employee cell phone use – good, ethical markets to aim for. I am glad that some of the bigger companies are moving away from the spying angle towards monitoring and security.

Check Out My Genie Features Video

Advanced Cell Phone Tracking

They have really added value with some advanced tracking features. As with the other programs you get Geo location tracking data – showing in real time where the target phone is. You can view it on a map in the member’s area and monitor it in real time. With this software you can also view in detail the location history and track the previous movements of the phone on any given day.

New Feature – Geo Fencing

They are developing this technology constantly and Now offer a major new feature – Geo Fencing – where you can set specific location boundaries on the map and receive instant alerts if the phone crosses the boundary area. You can also set prohibited locations on the map and if the phone goes to that location you will get an alert.

The power of this is truly amazing and very useful for monitoring children or employees. Set a boundary around your kid’s school and when they leave you get an alert – no bunking off early! With this feature they are surging ahead of the competition. This Geo Fencing together with the advanced monitoring in real time are two very popular features.

If tracking and real time monitoring of a cell phone is important to you then have a closer look at the Genie – these features really do set it apart, if you have a compatible boy cell phone phone.

Triggers and Alerts

Another great feature, especially for monitoring your kids or perhaps your employees. You can set up trigger words or phone numbers and when they are used you will receive an alert via text or email.

You can set it up to report in real time when a specified phone number or email address is contacted.

It works for any trigger words you choose for example with kids – “sex” or “drugs” etc. Think how you can use this to keep a close eye on what your kids are up to without having to read every email or text message.

You could set alerts to report when they send or receive a message from any specific number you choose such as a banned or undesirable friend.

Alerts can be set up for emails and sms text messages. Another unique feature that sets this program apart from the others in terms of real time monitoring and reporting.

Advanced Interval Reporting

Most phone spy software will collect the various data and update the members area every 20-30 minutes or so. With SG you can remotely set your preferences for uploading the data logs. Think about this for a moment. Say you get an alert that your child has left school early and you want to see where they are – not great if you have to wait for thirty minutes for the next update for a location report.

Perhaps you only need to have the data uploaded once a day – the choice is yours and you can change the settings without access to the target phone.

With the Genie you can get up to the minute reports. You can have a period of regular reporting and then reduce it again later when less frequent reports are needed. This works well when used with the advanced triggers and alerts.

These advanced features really make this software stand out. I think the other software programs will try to cover these features in future updates but at the moment they are lagging behind.

Call Recording Feature

SG has a unique call recording feature available for Android cell phones – not yet rolled out to the iPhone or BlackBerry. For many people this is the clincher in terms of advanced features. It can be used to record all calls incoming and outgoing or you can use it with selected numbers.

It works well when all phone connections are strong and can be very important to some people. Call recording is only included with the Android Platinum package.

Some Recent Additions

In their latest update some new advanced features have been launched:

Monitor WhatsApp, iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger – now available for some platforms.

Monitor All Gmail Accounts – before, you could only monitor the default email service on the phone – now you can monitor any Gmail based emails sent and received.

New Remote Functions – with some packages you can now backup and delete phone data remotely. Sim card change notification has been added and you can start, pause or remove the app remotely from within the online control panel. Some great security features – undervalued by users, until they need them!

New Features Added July 2013

iPad and Android Tablet monitoring – enjoy all the reporting features on your target devices.

Viber Chat monitoring – just added support for keeping an eye on Viber chats.

Skype Monitoring – track what’s happening on Skype and see their Skype contacts.

Geo Fencing – as mentioned above, nice new feature.

More updates are constantly rolled out by this very progressive company – they are here for the long haul and continually develop their products. That is what I like to see with any spy software provider.

When buying any of the software programs be sure to check that the features you need are actually available in the package. Some features are only available on Android for example. Take a little time when purchasing and avoid any mistakes.

When it Makes Sense to Buy Stealth Genie

This software is definitely unique thanks to the advanced features above. It also does all of the basics well in terms of the normal range of reports and monitoring – call and text logs, web URL reporting and remote controls etc. If your main priority is to track and monitor a cell phone in real time with features like these then StealthG is your best choice.

The price is favorable and they have short term (3month) contracts so you do not need to spend a small fortune to give it a go. I definitely think these features are very well suited to tracking your children in particular but can also be adapted to keeping track of staff. With a little thought you can see how this software could be very useful.

I also like the way their marketing is now focusing on the child safety aspect and using it to monitor employees – in my view the best uses for any of the so called spy software apps. With their Geo Tracking and Advanced Alerts features, this one is definitely the most innovative program out there and seems to be aimed at the legal ways to use these software programs.

You can read more or buy Stealth Genie by clicking this link.

Have a look and see what you think! Thanks for reading my Stealthgenie review! Remember to check out the comments below – there is some great information. As you can see there has been a lot of discussion – feel free to ask a question and join the conversation – this is a real site, regularly updated.

Always be aware of the legal issues when using spy phone software and use it responsibly.

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