Free Cell Phone Spy Software Scammers – The Truth Behind the Headlines

Looking for free cell phone spy software products? Well good luck with that! There is no such thing, you are being mislead at best or more likely scammed. You may find a couple of spy software trials for free but certainly not the real package.

In your online search to find information about cell phone spy or monitoring software your attention may have been grabbed by articles and websites headlining “free spy phone software” or “track cell phones for free” or one of my favorites “spy on your partners phone free”. free spy software

Why do they do this? What can they gain by misleading you? It is just plain old fashioned marketing, usually by people who can’t get your attention in an honest way.

You take the hook and they hope to reel you in for the paid product – simple online marketing tactics.

We all love something for free – even though if we are honest with ourselves we know “there is no such thing as a free lunch” – still it is hard to resist the headline. Don’t underestimate our basic human nature and our hope of finding something for nothing.

Have you ever thought about why people still fall for the Nigerian bank scams or for the – you’ve won the Australian lottery, send me two hundred dollars to claim your prize – trick. We sometimes can’t help ourselves. Human nature eh!

The Free Mobile Spy Trial – Read More

How did you find this page? Did you search for free spy phone software or something similar? See what I did there? I’ve attempted to throw out that hook by writing an article about getting something for nothing, just like the others. The only difference is that I’m being honest with my content.

Up until recently MobileSpy did offer a fully operational seven day free trial, they were the only ones to do so. Unfortunately they have stopped this offer but they do have short term contracts for very little outlay – and they have a good refund policy.

Starting with MobileSpy is a good way to safely try spy software without spending much cash –  you can check it out here.

They also have a demo account so that you can see the interface and how it free spy software hook works. Be sure to read my review of Mobile Spy for the important details you need to get started without any hiccups (sorry but I had to do it – reeling you in!).

Seriously though, there is no such thing as free spy software that actually works – keep looking for it and you will actually end up costing yourself more – with some scam!

Can You Find Free Cell Phone Spy Software?

Here is my challenge – can anyone find me free cell phone spy software online? Obviously it needs to be working and truly free – not a trial or free for a day and I don’t want to hear about anything illegal thank you! Love to hear from anyone but I suspect the comments on this one may be strangely quiet.

I’ll throw in a free Australian lottery ticket for the winner!

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