Who Uses Spy Gadgets Today

Today we can be amazed at the range of spy gadgets available to the average Joe in many stores and even online. The interesting thing to me is not what just what can be done but more importantly how people are using this surveillance equipment in every day life and for what reasons? spying

One group who most obviously use spy technology will be … Spies! But lets face it they will have better more advanced and unusual spy equipment than you can get your hands on. Add to that the fact that I don’t like to talk about it online!

Private detectives are perhaps a better example of professional use, and less likely to get us into trouble- talking about them. Believe it or not this is fast becoming a huge industry and not in the old clichéd ways either.

In the past we thought of the private investigator following the unfaithful spouse and the likes. Today the have been employed en masse by the corporate world. Now it is more common to hire private detectives to monitor wayward staff committing fraud or theft or falsely claiming to be off sick.

Insurance firms are huge employers for the investigators of today. Combating insurance fraud is a massive business involving covert surveillance and monitoring of suspects. Here the modern investigator can leave behind the old techniques and use the modern technology available to follow and record suspects.

Tracking devices, cell phone spy software and hidden cameras are the tip of the iceberg in the modern arsenal.

Large corporations have now even got their own in-house investigators, cheaper and more private than hiring outside organizations. Loose the old idea of the detective agency, today it has become a corporate enterprise.

Of course the proliferation of this spy equipment has meant a huge rise in use by ordinary people, not just the professionals. The prices also attract the average Joe.

It used to be prohibitively expensive to buy any of the necessary equipment, now a few hundred dollars can have you on a steak out like Joe Pesci! Seriously though the cost of this sort of technology has substantially reduced in the last few years. Joe Pesci Surveillance

The ordinary punter now has at their disposal a wide range of spy gadgets to do what they wish. Spying on spouses and partners, monitoring your own kids and even enhancing your home security – all easy now. Husbands and wives should live in fear of what their partners can find out … at the flick of a switch almost literally!

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