Unusual Spy Equipment – For Unusual Spying

Don’t you just love some of the fantastic and unusual spy equipment that we have seen in the Bond movies and indeed many others over the years? Well in case you haven’t noticed “Q” would be impressed with what’s available for anyone to go out and buy today.

We may not openly sell the type of gadget to secretly kill a foreign spy with a hair clip, but on the spying side of things we can compete with Mr. Bond. You have probably seen or at least heard about the clever hidden cameras in pens and clocks etc.

I would like to take a quick look at some of the more unusual spy gadgets around today… at least the ones we know about.

Tracking Devices

Tracking equipment has moved on quite a bit with the ever decreasing size of electronics and their power supplies. Tiny batteries and very power efficient units mean extended life spans of months rather than days.

Tracking for vehicles has been popular for a while, used by law enforcement or even just business owners to keep tabs on unauthorized use of company vans and cars. The tiny units now mean that tracking people is easy. They can be fitted into mobile phones, key fobs or simply placed in a pocket. The GPS tracking is now more accurate than ever and will give precise locations within 3 meters.

How about a tracking device for your dog? Yes they are available to fit to a collar. Now if your pooch is stolen, kidnapped or simply lost you can have him located with pinpoint accuracy in minutes. With the cost of some pedigree dogs these days it may not be such a crazy idea as you first think!

Monitoring Software

Tracking and monitoring has adapted to take advantage of the modern devices we use daily. Cell phone spy software can be

Computer Spy software
I see everything!

secretly installed on almost any smartphone and the power of this software is stunning. The target phone can be tracked, calls recorded, the phone can even be set to record it’s surroundings – a remotely controlled bug.

This technology is affordable and can be used by anyone – with certain legal constraints of course!

Computer monitoring or spy software is another option in today’s spy armory. Cheap, easy to install and use you can see everything that is done on a monitored PC. Very powerful software can be installed covertly on our latest tech gadgets.

Document Scanners

Need a quick, covert copy of a secret document? These very handy little scanners are just like you remember in the movies – just buzz them over the document and bam …a secret copy. Personally I can’t think of a use but hey!

Spy Coins

What? You have been hard at work spying and gathering intelligence, now you need to transport the secret information back to base or somewhere exciting like that. Hollow spy coins in your favorite currency be it a Nickel, Euro or a Pound coin are your answer. Used extensively during the Cold War to bring that secret micro chip back to the mother land.

spy coin



When plugged in to a computer, secretly of course, they will log every keystroke that keyboard makes allowing you to find out passwords and of course what has been written. Top of the range models will email you the data automatically. Need to know your husbands passwords? Now you can!

The list goes on. Modern spy gadgets continue to amaze with wide ranging uses from advanced home security to simply snooping on people! It seems that some very imaginative people have too much time on their hands and just keep thinking up novel ways to snoop on others. But maybe you will try one or two for yourself – who is to know?

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