StealthGenie Update March 2012

StealthGenie spy software has been a favorite of mine for a while but they have just upped their game. Back in January they announced the first version of their cell phone monitoring software to support the iPhone running iOS4. This was a significant step forward bringing them into line with their main competitors – Flexispy and Mobile Spy.

Now they have released support for the iPhone running iOS5 – the first company to do so with full functionality. This is huge for them! They also announced plans to support other devices like the iPad and iPod Touch in the near future. They seem serious about their commitment to dominate in this market. Their competitors were scrambling to catch up – but as usual they have now!

Flexispy have done a whole site revamp – which is a huge improvement – and StealthGenie-for-iPhone-update have a cheaper Lite version of their spy software. They too have support for the iPhone now. Mobile Spy were close behind with their update and with their pricing they are still the most popular at the moment.

The iPhone versions of the StealthGenie software have the same functions as their other products – check out my main StealthGenie review. All along I have admired the way they have tried to push the boundaries a little and force their way to the top. The innovation of some of their features has been impressive – advanced tracking and alerts stand out for me. Now it seems they could be leading the way.

Another thing I have noticed is the way in which their marketing focus is changing. This type of software has often been promoted in dubious ways. Part of the reason behind this site is to look at useful, ethical and legal ways to use spy type products. I am pleased to see StealthGenie talking more about “monitoring” children and employees. I believe that this type of phone software is best when put to legal uses – not the old “catch a cheating spouse” – although this line still sells.

It is still early days to be getting over excited about their ultimate success. The other companies have been around much longer and will soon catch up unless StealthGenie manages to keep ahead with their innovation. In such a tech based arena things can change quickly and today’s top dog can become tomorrow’s lame duck! Things are certainly moving forward in the spy phone software market.

Check out the main reviews above and my Spy Phone Comparison Review. Don’t forget that you will need to Jailbreak Your iPhone to be able to use any of the iPhone spy software apps mentioned – but it is easy enough. Until the next update….

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