Spyzie Reviews – Is It Worth Your Time?

The Spyzie phone spy app has caused quite a storm – I thought it was about time to offer my full Spyzie review. I wanted to try it and test it to see if this app can make my recommended list. Is it any good – does it work and is it a viable alternative to the competition? All will be revealed.

If you follow this website you’ll know that I only recommend a small number of phone spy software apps – unlike many others who seem to recommend anything on the market. I have been running this site for years and I stand by my information – I’m not here to trick people into buying software they don’t need or that doesn’t offer value.

Can Spyzie really compete with mSpy and FlexiSPY – Check my mSpy reviews and FlexiSPY reviews pages before you make a decision ….. and of course continue with my review of Spyzie.

When you are looking for a spyware app, whether you are looking to keep an eye on who and what your child is messaging or you need to keep an eye on some potentially suspicious activity, you are going to want to make sure that you are installing an app that is not only capable, but is also an app that is safe to use.

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After all, there are countless different apps that all claim that they will get the job done without a hassle, but in reality, they will be a complete waste of space and time. This makes it all the more important for you to look into apps that are not only capable in the areas where they can gather data, but are also safe for everyone to use. Thankfully, Spyzie is an app that is exactly what you are looking for to suit your needs, with some conditions.

What Is Spyzie?

Spyzie is a software that was developed by SuperSoft Limited, which has been around since 2007. Over time, Spyzie has increased its capabilities when it comes to monitoring social media, and nowadays it is able to keep up with nearly every major social media platform. The latest versions of this software also include location monitoring, as well as geofencing and alerts that correspond with both of these. There are many benefits to using a software such as Spyzie for your monitoring needs.

Why Would You Install Such an App?

Every software that is designed to monitor cell phones is going to have limitations based on the standard features of the phone. Normally, this means that you will be able to read emails, text messages, and media files that are downloaded onto the phone, as well as looking at the address book and calendar on the phone.

More often than not, this will also include being able to monitor internet usage, and to some extent, location tracking. The more recent and developed an app is, the more features it will have.

The best uses for such an app include making sure that an underage child is behaving appropriately when he or she has access to the internet at their fingertips, making sure that your employees are behaving on company time, and so on.

To put it simply, an app such as Spyzie, is an app that will let you monitor just about everything the target does with their phone, including who is spoken to and what is said.

As with any app such as this, there are some physical limitations that are not the fault of the app, but just something you will want to consider when you are looking to install any spyware app. If you don’t really feel comfortable with the idea of monitoring just about everything a person does with his or her phone without that person’s knowledge, then you probably shouldn’t look into downloading such an app.

If you cannot get access to the physical, handheld device long enough to install and download the software, then you also probably shouldn’t consider getting a spyware app such as Spyzie. These are not the shortcomings of Spyzie, but rather the shortcomings of spyware apps as a whole. With that being said, there are some shortcomings that Spyzie has that you will want to be cautious of if you plan to use this app.

Where Does Spyzie Fall Short?

Every app has its shortcomings, and Spyzie is not immune to this. For example, Spyzie is only compatible with Android and iOS. If your target is using a different type of phone, then Spyzie is not the spyware app for you.

If your target is using an Android device, then you will need to download and install the device on that person’s phone. This, in itself, has some problems of its own. This is because of how Spyzie is licensed.

For Android devices, there isn’t much to worry about. There are several different plans to choose from and you even have the option to consider volume pricing. On the other hand, iOS only has monthly licensing options.

While this means that you could stop at any time on iOS, it also means that if you plan to use it at your job to monitor employees, Spyzie is going to become a recurring cost as it doesn’t have any volume pricing. These are some of the biggest areas where Spyzie falls short, compared to other spyware apps.

Where Does Spyzie Excel?

Just as every app has its shortcomings, every app has its own unique areas where it excels at what it is designed to do. For instance, the benefits of using Spyzie can range from being able to monitor people on both iOS and Android systems, which covers the majority of people.

You can also begin setting up Spyzie online if you are working with an iOS software, which means you won’t need to jailbreak your target’s phone. spyzie plus

When it comes to handling spyware, not having to go through the hassle of jailbreaking a phone is a massive benefit, as it saves you a lot of time and energy. It also drastically reduces the chances that your target will catch on to anything happening to his or her phone.

Speaking of Spyzie’s online system, creating an account on that is simple and only takes a few minutes. With all this being said, you might believe that Spyzie is a capable and well-rounded spyware app that you can use.

In particular, Spyzie isn’t just great, but it is better than great in the following areas:

● Phone call monitoring
● Chat app tracking
● Text message monitoring
● Internet use monitoring
● Keystroke logging
● Location tracking
● Contact monitoring
● Accessing photos and videos
● Detecting SIM card changes

Each and every one of these features is crucial when you are monitoring a child’s safety on the Internet or making sure that your employees are not fooling around on company time. Monitoring the most popular instant messaging apps today is almost as important as spying on text messages – kids use these apps all the time now.

What Do People Think About Spyzie?

The general consensus about Spyzie is that it is a very capable app, most of the time. There are times when it doesn’t always work as it should, and this is a problem as it is an app that you have to spend some money on to get it to work properly. Unfortunately, customer service can be hit or miss sometimes. Sometimes, customer service will help you out and get whatever problem you have sorted out.

However, there are times when it is less than helpful. For instance, there are times when the suggested solution is to uninstall and reinstall Spyzie. You can only do this from the target’s device.

If you are trying to be secretive about your use of Spyzie, having to uninstall and reinstall it is a bit of a difficult matter. This is something to be wary of when it comes to Spyzie, although many people are still pleased with what the app has to offer.

How Much Does Spyzie Cost?

The amount that Spyzie will cost you depends almost entirely on what you are using it for. There are two editions of the app itself, one that is less expensive, but has restricted functions, and one that is more expensive, but also allows you to do more. The plans will usually come with monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, aside from iOS devices who only get a one-month plan.

For the cost itself, the premium edition (the one with limited functionality) costs around $29.99 for a monthly license, $39.99 for a quarterly license, and $89.99 for the annual license. As you can tell, you do save some money when you purchase it in the long run, but if you only need Spyzie for a short amount of time, then you can customize your plan to that.

For the ultimate edition (the one with full functionality), the costs are somewhat similar. For the monthly license, it will cost $39.99 a month, for the quarterly license, it will cost $49.99 every three months, and for the annual license, it will cost $99.99 every year.

This, however, is only for Android devices. If you are looking at putting this app on an iOS device, you only have the option of a monthly $39.99 premium plan.

If you are looking to get Spyzie to make sure that your employees are behaving, you can only look at volume pricing for Android devices, unfortunately. The volume pricing covers up to 20 devices, and you can choose to have either the premium or ultimate edition installed.

With this in mind, Spyzie is not the app best suited for monitoring an iOS device, or a group of iOS devices, although it is arguably easier to install on an iOS device.

Where Can You Get Spyzie?

Spyzie is a capable and comprehensive spyware app that will let you monitor your child or employees and it has relatively few drawbacks, especially compared to some of the competition. If you are considering getting Spyzie, you are generally going to want to look at the website, as this is the most reliable place to get Spyzie from. In addition to being one of the best places to get Spyzie from, it is also the best place to learn more about what Spyzie has to offer in terms of spyware capabilities.

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