Spybubble Software – My Must Read Alternative Review

So you are considering Spybubble, a widely marketed spy phone software application. In order to help anyone looking through the different spy phone products I have written a few reviews of the best ones, looking at their pros and cons and offering some advice along the way.

I hope you have read my reviews on Flexispy, Mobile Spy and mSpy review and finished off with a look at my comparison review. So now I come to my alternative review of Spy Bubble.

You may be wondering how this as an alternative review, let me explain. I am writing this review without ever having purchased Spy-bubble, something I rarely do. I usually believe that to write a real review you should have some experience of using the product and offer some useful advice-that’s the theory.

I planned to buy this software and give it a go but in the end it raised too many red flags for me, however I wanted to include this article because this product represents much of what is wrong in the marketing of cell phone spy software. You can have the short review or if you are interested you can read the long version.

Short Review

Don’t buy Spy bubble. It is crap, sold by a crap company looking to make a quick buck at your expense. I know these are strong words but if you read on I will explain and can backup everything I say.

Spybubble Main, Real Review

This one caught my eye quite a while ago; I could hardly miss it as loads of sites started advertising it quite aggressively. Straightaway it caused me to have some concerns. Whenever I see any new spy software product I tend to be on Spybubble reviews my guard.

Unfortunately this market has been targeted in the past by some very dubious companies. It can be a very lucrative market and is rapidly growing as more and more people become aware of some of the benefits provided by cell phone monitoring software.

Added to this is the fact that it is a software download with an instant sale-making it even more appealing to scammers and fraudsters. With the spy software market you really need to be on your guard and take extra care when buying. Some due diligence is key.

The Problem with Spy Bubble

As I said, right from the start I had some doubts but as I investigated a little more it turned into a lesson in what to look out for in the darker end of the spy phone software business. The first problem for me was the advertising surrounding it.

Loads of sites suddenly appeared advertising and proclaiming Spy-bubble as the greatest spy phone software ever etc. etc. That in itself isn’t that strange but when you look at all the sites they were particularly spammy, quickly thrown together and using all the buzz words like “catch a cheating spouse“, “find out the truth“, “spy on your neighbor” – all the illegal and unethical marketing approaches. Again, plenty of other software providers have been guilty of this.

spybubble scam With a little experience of Internet marketing you can quickly learn to spot the affiliate sites trying to cash in on products. They have website names with the product name in them (exact match domains or EMD’s) such as “BestSpybubble.com” or “Spybubbleguy.net” and the sites are normally full of banners and pictures promoting the product.

They usually only have a few pages, all to do with the single product and quite often they read poorly. Having worked online for a while I can spot these sites a mile off, but for others it may not be that obvious.

Websites like these offer no real value to the reader and only exist to direct you to the company website in the hope that you buy and the website owner gets an affiliate commission. At this stage I was still prepared to give it a try, after all you cannot blame the company for the actions of other websites. That was until I had a closer look at the main website itself.

The Website

To the untrained eye their site looks quite modern and attractive with some nice graphics. The first thing that annoyed me was once again the use of tacky and unethical marketing headlines all over the site.

The next thing to attract my attention was the incredibly cheap price. They offer their software for $49 for a full year’s access – roughly half the price of their main competitors.

Extremely cheap prices should always raise questions in your mind. If you developed a software program which you believed was as good as it competitors, would you sell it for half the price that they charge?

Next red flag is a biggie! Look closely at the website and you will see there is no sign of any phone number. How many legitimate businesses do you know who do not advertise their phone number and display it prominently on their websites?

You are planning on giving this company $50 of your cash and there is no phone number should you have any problems. When searching for a phone number I checked out the “contact” page – it leads you to a standard e-mail contact form, which is a little disappointing but they do have live chat button prominently displayed.

Unfortunately even after repeated visits this so-called live chat is always off-line (not so live after all!). Perhaps I was just unlucky but the old live chat trick is used to add some authenticity, satisfying most people who think -wow they have chat support.

Talking of support, click on the support tab and you go to the same area as the spybubble review banners contact, where you can raise a support ticket or browse the “knowledge base”.

The latest post in the knowledge base was in 2010 but a couple of really terrible videos where posted in June 2011. So it’s frequently updated as you can tell – not!

Just out of interest I raised a support ticket and asked a question. Surprisingly I got a response but it was quite obviously a standardized reply which made little sense. Not looking too good so far.

The website has a “demo” tab so I gave it a go. Nothing working there I’m afraid. On to the “About Us” page – here you should find out a little about the company behind the software and some background information to reassure you before buying Spybubble. All they offer is basically a badly written advertisement – you gotta read it!

It Gets Worse!

Look at the bottom of the main homepage – this section that says “we are being talked about”. This is another common promotional tactic that many websites use to give some legitimacy to their products or services; you’ve seen this before -“as seen on TV” etc.

I couldn’t resist checking out their links – they all lead to really spammy PR sites where anyone can post their own press releases.

The first one references an article posted on PR Web, a decent enough site. This one is posted by a Webmaster called Ruca Martin who apparently reviewed Spybubble on his (or her, not sure!) “No holds barred” review site called C2C Reviews.

So I follow the link to C2C Reviews only to find a full spam fest affiliate article about Spybubble in several different languages. A quick look around the site and you will see all sorts of junk everything from MLM marketing reviews to weight loss pills. This is definitely a quality review site, well worth a mention!

One of the other links from the main homepage is an absolute classic. Again it is an article posted to a press release style site called Webwire. The links here lead you to a site called Spybubblev.net – a classic, really bad, spammy, door way site with affiliate links for Spybubble.

Here I found another trick used by scammy websites. If you look closely at a couple of the articles you will see that they have several thousand comments – must be very popular you might think. When you read a few of the comments you soon realize that they have been generated by software and are spun gibberish. This is another really cheap Internet marketing trick.

The best is yet to come! Spybubblev.net also offers you the chance to sign up for a “Spying Cell phone Free Report”-apparently offering the reader some great value. Being the curious sort, I used my disposable e-mail and signed up for the report.

Naturally I was instantly sent to the Spy Bubble website via an affiliate link but I did get this free report as well. What a report, I could not believe my eyes it is definitely worth a look but remember to use a disposable e-mail as I fully expect to receive all sorts of offers in the near future.

The report is 16 pages of complete and utter junk linking to Spybubble.com of course. How anyone could think this will help them sell a product is beyond me. Along with the report is the offer of some free bonuses- if you buy Spybubble100 Bodybuilding Tips, Courage Conqueror – tips to building courage in your life, Getting Your Guy and last but not least Make Her Toes Curl!

Absolutely priceless -all this free with your purchase of Spybubble. This isn’t making it look any better.

What Are Other People Saying about Spy-bubble?

Since I decided not to waste my money even trying it, I continued to dig around a little and see what others think. Doing this can be a little tricky and you have to sift through the pure affiliate sites who claim it is the greatest software ever.

Finding real reviews and unbiased opinions online can be a difficult task. With this site, Spyzrus, it is my job to gain your trust and to convince you that I am honest with my opinions, not just trying to get you to buy through my affiliate links.

That is why I will not recommend just any product – I really don’t care if you buy one product or another – or no product at all! I try to provide valid information to help you make the decision.

When researching a product online you also have to be fair and recognize that some people might dismiss a product as no good for whatever reason. A couple of bad reviews doesn’t mean the product does not work. Having said that, with Spybubble the evidence is overwhelming. Just too many people are complaining.

Main Complaints with SpyBubble

Customer Service – the most common complaint is that customer service does not exist, hardly a surprise having looked at their website.

Money Back Guarantee – looks like most people trying to get a refund are having problems. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee but they seem to be giving people the runaround, using stalling tactics to avoid giving refunds.

People buying with PayPal seem to have the most success – by complaining to PayPal who then issue the refund. Again this is common with some dubious Internet products. Companies use stalling tactics in the hope that for the sake of a few dollars you will give up easily.

The Software Doesn’t Work – it seems like the majority of people cannot get the software to actually work as described. Spy phone software is quite a technical product and the good providers work hard to ensure their software is updated regularly and continues to provide value for the customer.

They claim to be able to monitor or spy on popular instant messenger apps – but of course it doesn’t work! Having had a look at Spybubble would you be confident in future updates?

Of course to counter these opinions you can find a few people claiming that these problems with Spybubble where in the past and that they were victims of their own success – BS. Everything about Spybubble should give you your answers – spammy marketing, cheap, no support and overwhelming negative opinions.

Is Spybubble a Scam?

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of “scam”. Go to dictionary.com, “a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit, swindle”. By that definition it could be considered a scam. In their defense they do actually offer a product which does work for a small Spybubble reviews scam minority of people.

Does everything you have read here suggest that this program is designed to make a quick profit?

I did not set out to review Spy-bubble and give it such a hammering but the deeper I delved, the more damning evidence I found.

I went into such detail in order to highlight just some of the things you should be looking out for when trying to buy cell phone spy software products.

Much of this holds true for many online products. You really need to do a little research and try to spot any potential problems before parting with your cash. Quite often the company websites themselves can provide many of the answers, as is the case with Spybubble.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am not, and never will be an affiliate of Spybubble! If you visit a website and they are recommending this program, I suggest you leave at once. They obviously have no idea what they are talking about and cannot be trusted. There are good alternatives on the market so it really is not worth taking a chance on this for the sake of a few dollars.

Look at some real reviews of spy phone software instead and save yourself time and trouble. You can also take a look at Remote Install Cell Phone Spy Software – while I’m on the subject of scams and how to spot them.

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