Spy Gadgets or Home Security

Home security has become a huge industry today thanks to the thieves and robbers in our midst. The technology available these days to combat the breaking and entering of or properties is amazing and becomes ever more advanced all the time. But when does the line become blurred between protecting our homes and actually spying?

Home security used to be about some extra spotlights maybe with a motion detector outside the house. Then we got more sophisticated with burglar alarms wired inside and out, ready to go off when anyone trespassed or the neighbors cat walked by.

As technology gets ever more advanced so too the ways people protect and monitor their homes moves forward. But at times it becomes questionable as to whether you are simply spying on others or protecting your home.

To me, surveillance outside and around your property is fine, virtually anything goes. Perhaps land mines are a little over the top but covert cameras outside are a good thing. When we start to have spy gadgets like covert cameras and listening devices or bugs inside our homes, we really need to question why? home security

Of course there may be times that the reasons are valid. Perhaps you suspect that someone who works for you is stealing. In this case using spy gadgets like a hidden “nanny cam” might catch them red handed. Cell phone spy software or computer monitoring equipment are also used both at home and the workplace and can be very effective.

But the danger is that you get obsessed with security and cross the line. There are also some serious legal issues to be considered. Installing cameras and bugs throughout your home is not a healthy state of affairs. Some of the more unusual spy equipment around today is downright weird!

Perhaps the most balanced approach would be to introduce surveillance technology to investigate a suspected offense but then remove it again. Undue paranoia can be dangerous to your mental health! So to sum up, machine guns, mines and barbed wire are fine outside the house but show some respect for others privacy when inside the home.

michael keenan

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