Cell Phone Spy Reviews – How to spot the Fakes

Review sites are very popular on the web and can be a great source of help and information. However, around certain products you need to take extra care when looking at web reviews. How have you got on with your search for cell phone spy software reviews? Not so great I suspect.

Some online markets have become saturated with spammy review sites and the spy software market is one of them. They have been targeted by Internet marketers whose only goal is to make money- helping people to make good decisions doesn’t come into it.

I can show you a few things to look out for when evaluating these cell phone spy reviews.

What Do You Want from a Review?

Most people will look at reviews of products for a couple of reasons. Firstly they may be looking for more information about how the product works, any special features or maybe tips and advice on how to use the product.

Secondly, they are looking for some reassurance that the product is reliable, works well and that their money will be safe.

Why Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews are Important

Review sites can really help people especially with products which are only available online. With physical

cell phone spy software reviews
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products like a pair of shoes, things are more straightforward. You can walk into a store and look at them – they are a physical item which will be delivered to your home. Plus you have better consumer protection regarding refunds and problems.

When you are buying a software product which is downloaded from the Internet, there is no chance to look at the product properly before buying and there is more risk. The risk of course, is being ripped off or simply buying poorer quality software.

Finding good reviews can help reduce the risk.

Cell phone spy software is widely available across the Internet- there are probably a few hundred different products being marketed. The software is supplied as a download so there is no physical transaction, no package delivered to your home. You pay the money, the company sends you a download link and you install the software. Great if you choose well!

Software downloads can be quite risky purchases – if you choose a bad company. Refunds can be a problem as can the actual quality of the software.

So many scam companies have set up in this market. It is very easy to set up their company to accept your money, supply a crap product and simply ignore any complaints. The companies will be based in some far off country and legally you will have very little you can do about it.

Because there are so many scam products around, when looking for cell spy software you really do need to find some good reviews – Real ones!

There are two main types of cell phone spy software review sites – easily found with a Google search.

User Generated Reviews

The idea behind user generated review sites is great and in many markets these can be the most valuable. Sites are set up so that ordinary users can post their own views and experiences with the products. Big sites like Amazon use this – have you looked at some of the user comments before buying something from Amazon? Reassurance and information!

Unfortunately in the spy software market this is being abused. If you take a closer look at a few of the so-called user generated reviews, it easy to spot a pattern. Most of the reviews consist of two or three sentences saying how great X spy software program is – with perhaps one or two negative comments thrown in.

The system is being gamed – by the actual software providers and by online marketers. Try to find any user generated reviews that look real. Think about this: who buys a product, really likes it -so much that they feel they want to share and then make the effort to post three sentences. Why? Who does this?

It is more likely that someone would make an effort to post a negative review when they have been ripped off. Even then, when you look at some of the negative reviews on these sites they usually say that X is a rip off – buy Y instead.

Start looking at what is actually written on these sites and see what you think – look real to you?

Straight Up Websites with Reviews

With these sites, they are set up like a regular website or Blog. At first glance they look legit but usually there are a few cell phone spy fake reviews warning signs.

Take a look at what is actually on the website – is it just twenty different reviews? Are they reviewing all sorts of products – lots of them? Is there any real information other than reviews of products – providing any help or advice?

Any comments on the site which look like they might be from real visitors asking questions? Look at the sidebar – down the side of the page – is it a list of product names?

Banners and links everywhere – all basically advertisements from the software companies. Lots of links to the companies can also make you suspicious.

Does the site look as if it has been updated at any time – or was it set up in 2010 at left to run?

Have they got any social sites like Facebook and YouTube? Have they got 10,000 followers? Think about it – a small review site with thousands of followers – I don’t think so. This is easily faked for a few dollars.

Reading the actual reviews can be the most revealing – if you take a few minutes to look. Do they seem like they have really used the product? Are they promoting ten different spy software programs and they are all great?

Is there any information which is not supplied by the software provider – anyone can re-write a list of the features, straight from the company website.

Step back and evaluate the overall impression you get from the website. Do your instincts tell you that this reviewer has never used this product? If so, why would you listen to anything they have to say?

Take Care!

The sad truth is that in this market it is difficult to find an honest site – there are a few but they are rare. Don’t blindly believe everything you read online – especially when it comes to cell phone spy software reviews.

Step back and evaluate what is going on with the website. Have a look at mine – evaluate it. Do you think I faked hundreds of comments? Do you think my Spy Bubble Review is real? Learn how to find the best spy software programs and avoid the scams.

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